Once upon a time… Such a derivative phrase. And overused, in my opinion. But, it serves as well as any for my purposes, so here it goes. Once upon a time, there was a small village clinging to the rocky edge of the smallest island at the northernmost tip ofContinue Reading

Joymax was an experiment, an Adonis, a demigod. Eugene, Joymax’s father, was wealthy, so Joymax, Eugene’s only child, was wealthy. And Eugene’s wealth he consecrated to the perfection of his son, as a herald of human perfections to come. Joymax would be raised like John Stuart Mill and Montaigne—by aContinue Reading

Stay sharp Keep the rudder steady And stay away From drylands   You will hear voices But no need to feel fear It’s not your loved ones Calling you home It is just the sea Singing you to sleep   And promising You will find all answers To all troublingContinue Reading

A woman with green highlights waves me down on the street and asks if I have thirty seconds to help the whales. I tell her I am sorry that I do not, which is a lie as I am only on my way to Fatburger to meet a friend. AsContinue Reading

So it is true what they say That it is not about The destination   It is about the water   And the waves And the wind And the salt   And there are times When I am not even sailing Just drifting   What I know as the pastContinue Reading

Before the Hammish sisters disappeared, none of us said the word Selkie. It was a word that seemed old even in the twentieth century, our grandfathers’ grandfathers’ word. Age was heavy in it, like the rusted schooner anchor from the 1700’s that’s in front of town hall. By this time,Continue Reading

I had a woman whose name was Sandy Around the house she was quite handy. I was called out to sea, for work you see, Had a calling for fish, just before tea,   Sandy come back, to me   Sandy share your heart, with me But a storm wasContinue Reading

Jupiter was a pinprick in the night sky. Above the Moon and to the right, easily mistakable for a distant star. But Marsh knows where to look. They’d been hoping for a glimpse of Europa, soon to be their new home, but Jupiter’s fledgling moon was lost in the reflectingContinue Reading

She wore a spider broach to the party & told him it was named “Edgar.”   “Everything is ‘Edgar,’” she laughed and pointed to the roses & the guardrail over the water & the water & what was left of the moon   & a crunchy black spider by hisContinue Reading