I dreamed of being a fisherwoman              of casting deep nets like spells pulling up condensations of blue            at swim team my flip turns were fastest always forgetting       to breathe first         after practice I’d pullContinue Reading

Under the sea Is where you’ll find me I swim around coral Vibrant and floral I bob near the surface And gaze at the surfers Or dive after whales And dream of their tails Under the sea That’s where I’ll be Dipping and diving And glad I’m still me EmmaContinue Reading

“. . . because ‘is ear were in the soup! Har, har, har. Ooh, ow! Me peg ‘and!” “Aye, that’s right, a ‘ook is more usual, only Ol’ Sawbones ‘ad no ‘ooks at the time. Now ‘e’s got some, but I got so used to the peg, I just keptContinue Reading

人的一生能隐藏多少秘密呢? 泪水滴滴答答地像在轻数 大海又包容了多少人的秘密呢? 它以惊涛也拟波浪地诉说 从不停止   How many secrets can one ocean hold? Tears break like a ticking clock.¹ How many secrets can one life hold? It breaks in waves [and more] waves. It will not stop. –translated by Bobby   ¹ Literal translation: tears tick tock like counting time.Continue Reading

You do not notice it at first. Until you hear the lethargic stirring of a shallow puddle on your way to the kitchen. You look down to find your feet covered in water. It slips between your toes and dances through your arches in the absence of your movement. YouContinue Reading

The deck pitches in a slow roll with the swells, but worse is an irregular jolting motion which induces a drunken stumble gait. It is night, raining hard, and windy. There is a constant roar from the storm and the workings of the deck. Sailors run to and fro withContinue Reading

Sarah “Kitty” McLeod-Martinez is an artist who can usually be found where she works: Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not there or arting, she is probably hanging out with her wife or girlfriend, or trying to figure out which cord her cat has recently chewed through.Continue Reading

Eyepatch I have a lack of sight Upon my eye of right My lass knows this So on my left she’ll kiss Her lover just out of spite   Peg Leg There once was a captain named Stark Though Eileen was her nom de lark She limped, she waddled CauseContinue Reading