She is the space oddity hurtling through the weekend of a full eclipse   She lingers in the aisles: strange energy in her wake uses crying-emoji lip balm to express the loss of a child— I should be wary, but am fascinated by the rounded, yellow case and blue pictotears,Continue Reading

I. fallen following countless gourds filled from maddening, leaden pipe the frenetic fiddle, their outro a perfect civilization, destroyed a perfect civilization, began with a boy, Romulus sent to end what he began in a different iteration the she-wolf’s milk, soured centuries ago II. in the final frontier, (in outerContinue Reading

Hello, likely investors, my informal and non-numerical name is Rilbon Ril Bob Bon, and I will be your happiest guide to the next earth half hour of insert positive emotion. A little-known truth is this: is this: Excelleq Time, Inc. owns every antiquity in Sol-Sys. “Owns” is a green simplificationContinue Reading

Planet 7Y7H is an undead world. The native  human-like species called themselves “Ijj”–origin and meaning unknown. And they called their planet, “Ijjadyn”. History: Thousands of years ago on Ijjadyn, in the period known as “Thrithu-Jish” [“Thrithu-Jish”, transl. “After the Fall of Jish”; “Jish” unknown], a period we have classified asContinue Reading

We first saw them through robotic eyes: the barrel bodies, surrounded a decapod starburst of limbs the size of a moderate paperclip, were alien but unmistakable. Scientists slavered, ecstatic at the proof of life beyond our own racked planet. By the time a subsequent scout arrived on the Jovian satellite,Continue Reading

Mission Apollo feat. Olivia Olivia, Remy Autumn Torres, Phoenix Singer, and bb Dear Astros, It wasn’t up to you, the bad things you did. You were fated by the stars. Get together in a circle. Be good to each other. Hold hands. “You mean the sun and the moon toContinue Reading

Each place continues to yield its own quiddities, its own miraculous movements, and its own tragedies. –C.D. Wright   What a strange place to wake    up in —   some beachy thing str e tched      taut across the earth      thin as balloon – skin. Sniff sniff : Salt.    Dimethyl sulfide.    YouContinue Reading

It was maybe three, four in the morning and we’d just wrapped. Everyone was breaking down the set, lights, cables, monitors, props. They did this quite rapidly in order to get a little sleep before the next shoot, a few hours away. Alone, I hurriedly stored all the remaining foodContinue Reading

I etch And etch And etch In the same square Until I can see the insides My insides Through it Fine repeating strokes over And over Side by side I transform the medium And myself in it Displacing aluminum powder Until every speck squeaks away Scraping and scraping Drawing overContinue Reading

I took a ride on the MAX to SE, Orange line to Milwaukee, post full moon chaos, it was a new day A little sun burnt from nude beach on Tuesday and a little sore from cannabis infused yoga on Wednesday Now it’s Friday “No, I won’t be going outContinue Reading