Andy Rides the MAX Again – Andy Anderson

I took a ride on the MAX to SE, Orange line to Milwaukee, post full moon chaos, it was a new day
A little sun burnt from nude beach on Tuesday and a little sore from cannabis infused yoga on Wednesday
Now it’s Friday
“No, I won’t be going out this weekend,” Andy said, “maybe next weekend.”
Today a beer at Tugboat with Juliet Palante, the main character in a Gabby Rivera novel
I’m dying to become a reliable something on the page too, to become something. Anything.
Then more time on the MAX
There was a what? A murder? A stabbing?
On the MAX today
At Hollywood Station
I know that stop well
Three throats slit for standing up for two girls, brown, one wearing a hijab
This is what they are saying What are they saying?
There is a bike hanging on a Not-In-Service train I see it pass as I wait again to go home
Who left it?
Are they even alive? All I feel is darkness
It’s all that’s left
Andy rides the MAX home, it’s late. They have a repulsion/attraction to fear.
Sensitive, but Solid. Astrologically, fearless.
They ride and make hard sketch lines in their journal until the page turns black and simultaneously write a poem titled An Ode To My Etch A Sketch.




With a mix of authentic vulnerability, relevant truth, and humor, Andy Anderson writes poems that immediately make you want to be their friend. They are a co-organizer of Byrony Blaze’s Queer Poetry Takeover in Portland, OR.

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