The sensation of soil against my bare feet is a new one. I have understood and analyzed the concept of touch, but analysis and experience are very different. There is something… humming? Is that what that is? Yes, something humming, and I can feel it through the flat part ofContinue Reading

      Oaktea has always been in love with every aspect of a book–from the design to its contents, everything contributes to the experience. She started making comics for the all-in-one art and words combination, and eventually started working in bookstores to feed her voracious habit, as well as herContinue Reading

Space exploration has ended. We’ve reached the end. Space is not infinitely expanding, though at one point we did think that. Space does have an end. I should know, I live there. I stretch out and my hands bump into the ceiling. This isn’t all that surprising; they said IContinue Reading

Mothers love astronaut boys. They salute their boys and button their shirts. These boys choosing these hard vacuums of space. These boys choosing beyond any reaches or limits. These boys choosing “space camp.”  “Space camp” is a lie. There is no “space camp.” There is only the abandoned rotten-walled houseContinue Reading

xx I want to stare at you, lock tractor beams. Drinking coffee. Leaning back occasionally. Staring at the control panels buried in the other. I want some kind of ship with a little incentive, the headless body of a hard work – a small locker containing movement, a slot onContinue Reading

      :^) Who? Abbey St. John is a graphic artist, illustrator and printmaker currently working in Portland, Oregon. Abbey is inspired by knickknacks, dynamic figures, and picture riddles. Her work aims to tell you a story, teach you something new, change the way you think, be a partContinue Reading

If you grew up in a neighborhood like mine—a neighborhood with broken concrete sidewalks and huge tropical trees—summer afternoons were spent outside, under the carport of your house, if you were lucky to have one. It didn’t matter if the weather had been sufficiently pleasant (it was never pleasant inContinue Reading