Kyrithka – Jonathan Van Belle

Planet 7Y7H is an undead world.

The native  human-like species called themselves “Ijj”–origin and meaning unknown. And they called their planet, “Ijjadyn”.

History: Thousands of years ago on Ijjadyn, in the period known as “Thrithu-Jish” [“Thrithu-Jish”, transl. “After the Fall of Jish”; “Jish” unknown], a period we have classified as Ijjadyn’s Late-Modern Period, there occurred a global religious movement: The “Mizru”.

“Mizru” comes from the name “Yof-Yyzu-Mizru”–the name of a murky, mostly unknown Messianic figure from the northern pole regions of Ijjadyn, in an area called “Ugarim, Skyll um-Aphyki” (Ugarim, the High Dominion of Aph the “Ice-Reader”).

[Note: the word “yki” means roughly “Ice-reader”. Naturally, an ice-reader is one who “reads” the ice. Ice-reading is “divination by ice,” or what is sometimes called “glaciemancy”. Ice-reading usually took the form of an examination of snow-crystal formations under a magnifying lens, a device called the “Ottyki”– the “Eye of the Ice-Reader”]

What we know of Yof-Yyzu-Mizru: First, everything we know of Yof-Yyzu-Mizru comes from a set of records, called “Yyki-Yyzu-Mizru” left by Mizru clerics. “Yyki” is a variation of “yki”, and means “ice-readings”; thus the record’s title translates almost literally as: “The Ice-Readings of Yyzu-Mizru”.

From the Ice-Readings, we find out the following: Mizru was an Ugarim male living in the period known as Gythu-Jish [“Before the Fall of Jish”]–what we classify as Ijjadyn’s Early-Modern Period.

In Mizru’s early life, at the Ijjadyn age of Daza-Ek [which means “12”, but is something like 11-13 Earth years], he became “Zyyluzim” [Zyy-“God” + luzim-“Frozen” = “God-Frozen”], which seems to mean that Yof-Yyzu-Mizru suffered some serious form of paralysis [Compare the word “luzim” with the Thrithu-Jish-Ugarim word, a.k.a. Late Modern Ugarim word, “Lyzmim”–meaning: “paralysis”].

The Ugarim word “Zyy” [God] has origins, we now believe, in the very ancient Ugarim word “Zyv”, which translates as “abysses in abysses”. Ironically, it seems that primitive Ijj were atheistic. The existence of a non-sentient, non-Ijj-like, and non-personal Zyv was a profound thing to primitive Ijj, so much so that it slowly evolved, in the Early-Modern Period, into something sentient, Ijj-like, and personal: Zyy. I say that this is ironic, and I mean this in comparison with our own human development. Ijjadyn represents something like the theological reverse of Earth: Ijjadyn trended from global non-theism to global theism.

In Early-Modern Ugarim mythology, and later in Late-Modern Ijjadyn mythology, the Zyyluzim were considered to be oracular; the Zyyluzim were “frozen” divine messengers for Zyy. In the Ice-Readings, we hear of earlier Zyyluzim, those before Mizru. For example, we hear of the Zyyluzim-Yar-Hyf-Izin, who predicted the arrival of “Zyyluzim um-Skyllu um-Skyllu” or “A God-Frozen [oracle] of the Highest Dominion of the Highest Dominion”. Believers in Mizru argued that this prediction referred to Yof-Yyzu-Mizru.

The Late-Modern Mizru movement, among many other things, accepted a tenet called “Yzryotti”or “Open Eyes”, found in the final section of the Ice-Readings–a section called “Yyullu”– “Death”.

The tenet of Yzryotti is derived from Yyullu Diza-Uk [“Death Number 27”], which reads, in English, as follows: “Ijjix [infant Ijj], if they die upon the first opening of their eyes, go directly to Yythga [Heaven]. From them is a vast river of hyrk [sinless] Atmithi [souls] that flows unimpeded to Yarvadyn [Alternate name for Heaven, meaning something like “Paradise”].”

[Note: This “vast river of sinless souls”, first used metaphorically, later became literal, and was known as “Hyrkukra” (roughly “sinless river” or “sinless rapids”)]

This movement, therefore, invented “Kyrithka” (which, loosely, means “Heaven-Flowering”). Kyrithka is a Type VII machine, but non-human. Type VII machines are self-cleaning, self-repairing, and generally self-sustaining. While not classifiably A.I., Kyrithka is indicated to be a PIM-Learning exo-machine, and was constructed with defensive or self-preserving weaponry of an as yet unstudied kind.

Kyrithka is, in brief, millennia-proof.

Kyrithka is capable of artificially producing Ijjix; parents are not required. Kyrithka then terminates each cycle of its Ijjix production, precisely at the moments their eyes open.

After producing Kyrithka, the Mizru initiated two radical actions: mass homicide and mass suicide. The Mizru killed the non-Mizru of Ijjadyn, calling this action: “Hylrithka”–or, Hell-Flowering. This was soon followed by the mass suicide of the Mizru, the “Nilrithka”.

Upon the total extinction of non-Mizru (an extinction thoroughly confirmed by the Mizru, given their meticulous and advanced systems of cognitive codification), the Mizru initiated “Nilrithka” — or, “No-Flowering” (Their “nil-” being improbably similar to our Latin “nil”, meaning “nothing”). Nilrithka was a mass suicide. This radical event was called Nilrithka, or No-Flowering, because, according to the Ice-Readings of Mizru, suicide obliterates the “Atmith” [translated into something like; “Above-This”], an entity which is comparable to the “soul” in some of our earth mythologies.

Thus, the Mizru believed that Nilrithka meant the extinction of their own Atmithi (the plural form of Atmith). Why, then, commit Nilrithka? This remains unclear.

Once Nilrithka was complete, and all the Ijj on Ijjadyn were dead, the mindless machine Kyrithka began operating, using its organic store to begin its endless reproductive cycles. And now, some untold number of millenia later, Kyrithka still runs. For all this time, this mindless machine has been producing and executing fields of infant Ijj. Isolated on 7Y7H, Kyrithka births and kills. This ice-webbed and Earth-sized planet is a headless, mindless, growing grave.
— Excerpt from An Overview of Late-Modern Ijjadyn and the Birth of Kyrithka by Klima Jostenson, Exosociologist from U.V.V. [Decembra 11, 2507 (E).]




Jonathan van Belle is a bookseller, book-eater, lover of the love of wisdom, and optimist of a neo-Leibnizian sort. Also, he will pegasize for fish tacos.

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