“To find a new unthought-of nonchalance with the best of Nature!” — Walt Whitman, from Leaves of Grass Ada is naked, kneeling among the fennel of their front yard garden. The Evening rises balmy, still, golden with pollen lit by an ebbing sun.Ada is toiling in their garden of fennel,Continue Reading

“Consider what is required,” said Gregor, “for something to be deemed a fact. There must first be a world, in some sense of world, to ground this thing called fact. How could the fact ‘water freezes’ be a fact without the existence of water? How could the fact ‘there areContinue Reading

Dear 21st Century, We speak to you here in terms familiar to you, in patterns amenable to your native sense, but we would like to emphasize that these terms and patterns are yours, and not ours, though we translate our own notions into yours. Naturally, much is lost in translation.Continue Reading

To whom it may concern,  I recently purchased your PSC03R-050 2.5 watt USB adapter with interchangeable plugs. Your output specifications indicated that the PSC03R-050 had a maximum load of 0.5A. I tested my unit and I found that your specification was untrue in my case. I do not wish forContinue Reading

Lycophron of Chalcis was appointed by Ptolemy II Philadelphus, son of Ptolemy I Soter, to manage the comedies of the Library of Alexandria, which likely precipitated his scholarly treatise On Comedy. Yet Lycophron’s own dramatic compositions, with the exception of one satyric drama, Menedemus, were tragedies, not comedies. Lycophron isContinue Reading

From the upcoming release Zenithism by Jonathan van Belle. Pre-order it today on the DO Store. What is Fermi’s Paradox? Fermi’s Paradox is not so much of a paradox, at least it is not a logical paradox; it is more of tension between two putative truths: (1) We have noContinue Reading

Fox Paolo and Fox Francesca sidewinding up the coop,  Tossing their sashes in the grass, under woody smooth breeze-blowing dusk.  Full moon of heavy feeding, jammy scoops;  Lop-eared hiccups in chicken lipstick of chicky juice.    We William-Tell-Overture off with a coiled rattlesnake shot!   I, you, hunt the koklassContinue Reading

Her white treble hooks hook hearts;  a cat must dice, ever since the vegan lion was disparadised   Lil’ Red-in-Tooth, dear kitty preening,  comes clawed and fond of cleaving     Fond of me  in a dish    With eyes moon-round, the Egyptian queen,  like Mephistopheles, springs out      O,Continue Reading

A. This is the suicide note of Cinderella of Phantásien. Imprisoned within this note, like the unopenable rebenok in a matryoshka doll, is a true story—with a true title: Therapeutic Fantasy Epic. I toyed with different titles, such as Visions of Hyperborea—and throwaways: Too Bitter and Impatient to Write, AnotherContinue Reading