Firewood Lamentations – Justin Ratcliff

Load the splitting block with the seasoned birch
Thwack! Strikes true the hefty ax and mauls anew
Wipe the brow of salty sweat to free stinging obtrusions
Ignore the tears that intermix and stir the inner split

Why did you choose to leave me to this harsh world alone?
Why couldn’t you have told me of the pain that drove you?
I would have ran away with you in a heartbeat
Now all I can do is speak to the ghost of you that shimmers bye

Another piece of wood to tear and shear to shreds
Comforted by the force and angst I let fly to swing
Each sharp swing matches the rise and fall
Bittersweet intermingling ball of shame and anger

I would’ve loved to have had you as my best man
I would’ve loved to hold you and kiss your cheek
My children would have loved your smile and unique tastes
Now all I can do is wonder at the darkness that cuts my heart anew

I’m not saying I haven’t looked down that tempting barrel
I’m not saying that my choice to stay is based on braveries front
I’m just saying I grow weary of the gap that stands between us
I’m just saying that the world would burn much brighter with you

Justin Ratcliff is a new emerging poet, who was cast into the depths of himself during the Covid-19 outbreak. Born, raised, and still preceding in South Central Alaska. From a very early age he had found a haven in his local library. Each new book was a new world in which to escape the harsh realities of life’s bitter brew. Draws much of his inspirations from psychology, philosophy, theology, nature, and dark fantasy.

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