PROPAGANDA 11 Blue lights, giddy-paced.Terraces flounced clear.We ashened into utility basement,no sandbags.High-rises grumbled to dust. * Blue lights flounced utility basementnoHigh-rises * Blue lights, verged on revelling.Chickenhearts flounced slumwards.Washing machine trundled in utility basement,no power glitches.High-rises evacuated. PROPAGANDA 12 Limpid, teeth-chattering daylight.Parade of blasted workers,grubby flags.Dressing-stations blobbed red –human tatters.Continue Reading

My sleeves like my sentences are too short Glasses slip off my noseI default oftenTexts dont stay within the margins Pants dont reach my anklesI might walk away from you in mid-sentence Punctuation doesnt concern me Its not me its not you Im not myself You expect more of meContinue Reading

My friend, Sean, saidin a poem, he could hearhis dead father’s bones singing.When December comes, your birthdaymonth, the air whistlesthrough the snow laden boughsand I think it is youon your way home. Lynette G. Esposito, MA Rutgers, has been published in Poetry Quarterly, North of Oxford, Twin Decades, Remembered Arts,Continue Reading

The unnamed God took his axand wielded it so hardhe hacked the indigo sky.Flinted sparks flewlike silver birds,like light in the dark–like stars in flight. Lynette G. Esposito, MA Rutgers, has been published in Poetry Quarterly, North of Oxford, Twin Decades, Remembered Arts, Reader’s Digest, US1, and others. She wasContinue Reading

TRANSCRIPT OF THE HEARING BEFORE THE UNITED STATES SENATE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARYMonday, November 4, 2030Testimony of Dr. Elizabeth BennettTimezio, Inc. Senator John Rees (Republican Wisconsin): The committees on the Judiciary and Commerce, Science and Transportation, will now come to order. We welcome everyone who can join us in personContinue Reading

Yesterday a littledeath was recordedby the NSA routinelyeavesdropping on Yahootapping two IMerstyping their cyberfuckin real timefour geeks on dutybeneath Ft. Meadeat Spy Central gottheir rocks offdigitally manipulatingthe long data streamto match the maximumeffect of allthose nimble lovers’fingers flying acrossthe keyboardsthe ethereach othervirtuallyin ecstasy Karla Linn Merrifield has had 1000+ poemsContinue Reading

What a pair of words he uses:nerve strangle; he employsthem instead of the deadeningeuphemistic trio: big-screen TV; track the obvious vector of brainlessness;poison of epidemic proportionswith mercury digitized, disseminatedon YouTube; its vids-gone-viral transmit the gigabyte lie directly into humanneurons—oh that it were pixelatedarsenic and, at the very least, we couldfirstContinue Reading

O, dastardly techno deedI perpetrate this morning:hacking into Jimmy’s gmail.Actually, it’s a piece o’ cake.He labeled a desktop shortcut moses001.The Google logo is a giveaway.And from there – Bingo! – directlyto jameskarlmerri@ on the far sideof cyberspace. Of 642 messages, only a few dozenfind me browsing familiar territory,our common groundContinue Reading

A familiar boot screen queued up a process imperceptible to anyone other than Archi. Lines of code indicating failure of proper shutdown protocol flashed long enough to be logged within an internal database followed by a process that would monitor mechanics within the automated body, ensuring no structural damage. AContinue Reading

Load the splitting block with the seasoned birchThwack! Strikes true the hefty ax and mauls anewWipe the brow of salty sweat to free stinging obtrusionsIgnore the tears that intermix and stir the inner split Why did you choose to leave me to this harsh world alone?Why couldn’t you have toldContinue Reading