My sleeves like my sentences are too short
Glasses slip off my nose
I default often
Texts dont stay within the margins
Pants dont reach my ankles
I might walk away from you in mid-sentence
Punctuation doesnt concern me
Its not me its not you
Im not myself

You expect more of me
I forget to cut my nails I forget apostrophes
I remember things I did not experience

The shoes I wear have more soul (every day)


Not mine

Shirt stains follow me relentlessly and reproduce
My skin has new colours and bumps
Holes open and close Ridges grow
Hair disappears and then transports to areas previously barren
I dont think ergo I am not
I dont know who I am

Im no one now I was replaced by someone
I dont recognize in the mirror

I dont think ergo I am not

I do feel

I do care

I want out

Les Blond was decades ago a student denizen of the creative writing dept. Of the University of British Columbia but 3 years in became suddenly realistic (or perhaps sane) and got a law degree and litigated for some of the intervening decades then retired, and busy with volunteer work, migrated back to writing and visual arts. Only recently has any effort been made to publish a story or poem. He lives and toils in Vancouver B.C. Canada as an dual citizen of the USA and Canada who can sometimes be spotted at Powell’s in Portland or the Methow Valley in Wa.

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