Load the splitting block with the seasoned birchThwack! Strikes true the hefty ax and mauls anewWipe the brow of salty sweat to free stinging obtrusionsIgnore the tears that intermix and stir the inner split Why did you choose to leave me to this harsh world alone?Why couldn’t you have toldContinue Reading

As your red hair wraps around my stilled heartYour love vein begins its rapid resuscitationI open my pitch black eyes to a gleaming silhouetteBlinding beam of passion transferred through your soul’s window Soft warm hand on my broad chestLost…oh so pleasantly lost in theeThe all encompassing fixation of usZeroed intoContinue Reading

Body wrought chasm of derelict errorPitch black prism of deranged terrorMemory lapsed transference of sooty bereavementSatanic messenger sent to gift mind’s diseased rent Spiked baseboards; impale my misty soulMy flooded heart drowns; sheathed knollSalty tears cause the flood to score festering woundsWasted prayers castigate and reflect forgotten tombs Deep diversContinue Reading