Sea Goddess – Justin Ratcliff

As your red hair wraps around my stilled heart
Your love vein begins its rapid resuscitation
I open my pitch black eyes to a gleaming silhouette
Blinding beam of passion transferred through your soul’s window

Soft warm hand on my broad chest
Lost…oh so pleasantly lost in thee
The all encompassing fixation of us
Zeroed into a spiral of endless possibility

Your love is the first storm I willingly traverse
The high waves, still waters, or dark depths
Every and all aspects give life to my love
You boundless seas will be my Atlantis

Justin Ratcliff is a new emerging poet, who was cast into the depths of himself during the Covid-19 outbreak. Born, raised, and still preceding in South Central Alaska. Draws much of his inspirations from psychology, philosophy, theology, nature, and dark fantasy.

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