The Man Made of Stone – Ben Crowley

There are few superheroes as ancient as The Man Made of Stone, for he has seen every shade the villains of evil can make bubble and boil from the depthless undying center of earth, from which all evil springs.

It burns at 9,392° Fahrenheit, the earth’s core. It is from this molten evil pumice, obsidian, granite, quartz shot to the surface of the earth like billion-year missiles. It is from this molten evil we too were blessed one summer with The Man Made of Stone.

The Man Made of Stone’s two burning eyes cast judgment on us all.

There is no rest for the Man Made of Stone.

On Monday, he sees a woman abandon her baby to rats.

On Tuesday, it rains and a love triangle overdose.

On Friday, a man gives his mother to the alley because her brain no longer works.

Nothing escapes The Man Made of Stone, for he has seen it all and will go on for eternity seeing it all, casting judgment on us all from those two burning eyes.

Ben Crowley is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is happy to get back to writing because he has already paid a kidney, three molars, a finger and a thumb to Deep Overstock and is weighing the value of his sensory organs. Ben used to sort books for the Amazon warehouse, in our beautiful backcountry of western Pittsburgh.

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