I used to be just a girl from a poor home in Brazil, the nerd everyone picked on, the girl everyone called unwanted, but now they call me a hero. Hello, my name is Camilla. I was chosen by a few Egyptian gods to protect humanity against demons and otherContinue Reading

Superman you just threw a car through this gas station wallAnd I’m just trying to get a small black coffee.I don’t even use the milk they make out of almonds anymore becauseCalifornia doesn’t have enough water for that. It is barely 9 in the morning. Superman we need good journalists,AndContinue Reading

Unknown artistSilver Age of Comic Books? (1956-1970)Pencil on paper Recently recovered art dating from around the Silver Age of Comics, these sketches show concept art of a previously unseen and unused superhero: The Book-Stellar and their sidekick/bookstore cat Cat-a-Log (following page). From the notes gathered, this was to be aContinue Reading

We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. I have a superpower of my ownNo matter how hard you knockI can pretend no one is homeOne thousand miles each way I have roamedeyes forward like a yoked oxI have a superpower of my own Writing decay, anguish toContinue Reading

No one can stop The Blood. No one can know whether The Blood is good or bad. The Blood wears a long red cape, so long it is like a power line snapped and hanging down to the ground. What is the process of The Blood? To start, The BloodContinue Reading

Ⅰ There’re wheels of light rolling in the skyThere’re no wheels of light rolling in the sky Eyes full of patientsSuperheroesEntrances everywhereNo exit Ⅱ Lying alone in bedComplete the ceremony of a sufferingSuperheroThis accidental solemnityOnly poetry can witnessArise of this era—Insert the gear into the broken backboneImplant chips into theContinue Reading

There are few superheroes as ancient as The Man Made of Stone, for he has seen every shade the villains of evil can make bubble and boil from the depthless undying center of earth, from which all evil springs. It burns at 9,392° Fahrenheit, the earth’s core. It is fromContinue Reading

Domonique sat looking at her tablet. There was so much crime she couldn’t stop all of it, but she would try for damn sure with Uncle Vic’s help. Picking up her gym bag, she pulled out her uniform and began to dress. It was nearly 10 PM. She worked overtimeContinue Reading

I wish I was Vin DieselThe only bone I ever broke was a fucking toothVin diesel drove a car out of one skyscraper into anotherI’m so thin, my own family says I’ll float away in the windI bet Vin has never questioned how much of a man he is ToContinue Reading