Mickey’s 🐝lahg #12

Hello dear super readers and stalkers,

Today we’re releasing DO#16 and like any Sweet Sixteen we’ve got to give away a 🐝rand new car!*

Source: https://www.thegeektwins.com/2010/06/green-hornets-black-beauty-and-top-17.html

For this 🐝ig cele🐝ration we’ve invited all of the superheroes you’ve seen in film, TV, and comics, though they haven’t RSVP’d yet, so I wouldn’t hold my 🐝reath.

This issue has stories and poems a🐝out superheroes and super powers, and overall just some super things.

I won’t 🐝la🐝or the point, we’ve got a party to host, 🐝ut thank you all for reading and enjoying this issue. And don’t forget 🐝keeping!


*note: in order to receive your car, simply right-click on the a🐝ove image and click “save image as.”

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