No One is Wise — Possible Magical Antidote #1 – Farnilf P.

No one is wise. Smart people do not pull the strings.

Strings are being pulled. An invisible hand, sculpted and programmed to accumulate wealth and power, maintains the show. Agents of billionaires keep the mechanisms running, wheels greased, think tanks churning.

Money flows where needed. When the hand sweeps, the rich reap more. Dreams get funneled. Alternatives gaslit.

No one is wise.

Money decides, it’s true, as far as words go. They echo against the wall. The machine churns us all forward together, regardless, closer to the edge. We can see the abyss, but we cannot turn the machine, or so they say.

So here’s some decent TV for once. Stay out of our invisible hand’s business. Instead, beware the enemies, remember to hate.

Money decides. No one is wise.

We’ve been trained from birth to expect the hero, the superhero. That god on earth who will defeat the monster hand, turn the wheel, save us all.

Well, it’s all fine and good to engage in magical thinking, for fun and relief, but quite a bad idea to stake your survival on it.

We should all hope that Joseph Campbell had it very wrong. He called the hero’s journey the monomyth — the one and only myth, all else being iteration. Could it be instead that this view dominates our story factories primarily as it is so very convenient to the hierarchy of wealth the hand has built?

In place of the communal myths — the myths of strength through love and acceptance of the widening rings, webs and cycles of interconnected life — a suffering hero returns, transformed by the ordeal. The action movie bible then impels the hero to commit great and righteous violence.

A thousand faces, a thousand screens, a thousand other myths shoved aside.

Money decides. No one is wise. Long past time to re-mythologize.

Farnilf P. is a member of a pseudonymous arts collective dedicated to world domination. An ephemeral art book of this work is forthcoming from

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