No one is wise. Smart people do not pull the strings. Strings are being pulled. An invisible hand, sculpted and programmed to accumulate wealth and power, maintains the show. Agents of billionaires keep the mechanisms running, wheels greased, think tanks churning. Money flows where needed. When the hand sweeps, theContinue Reading

Words are symbols of other things. This word tree lacks real bark. Fundamentalists, dogmatists, literalists, densely misperceive a direct relation, an inviolable link, between some sole mental concept, inspired by a word, and an actual thing. There is no literal truth. A will never equal C, much less be. WordsContinue Reading

Everything dies. From the ant you just stepped on to the chickens being slaughtered down the road. Everything dies. Everything dies. They say you’ll go on, live after. They have no proof. It’s probably lies. Desperate wanting. Everything dies. Everything dies. From your favorite TV show to your secret dream.Continue Reading