Mickey’s Blahg #11

What’s the latest buzz? It’s Beekeeping, which we’re now accepting submissions for.

Why beekeeping? In case you haven’t heard, the bees aren’t doing great. Honeybees are in trouble. Here’s how you can help (USA Today, 6/23/17). And bees are responsible for pollinating not just flowers, but many of the fruits and vegetables that you eat or the food of the animals you eat. Without bees we would be in a lot of trouble. They’re trying to create robot bees (drone drones?), but I don’t think they could ever replace the cute and cuddly look of a honeybee.

Look at this cutie. Photo by
David Clode

So bring on the bees, the beekeepers, your stories of honeycombs and hives, poems on pollen and flight, or whatever else you fancy. Let’s bring more attention to the plight of the bee and the wonders they provide!


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