Guiding and gliding as a siren,She is the queen bee of this new eusociality,Is she my Quantic belle? I blush as a drone!Instrumental shapeshifter in the apiary,We acreage all our beekeeping. Safeguarding beehives to serve our queen bee.I blush as a drone!Is she my Quantic belle?She is the newest pleonexia.Continue Reading

Eloping,I ran back to the fresh beehive,I found solace in those little creatures, I shut down all modalities of modernity.I craved for peace when my heart pulsed. Freshly allied with the horizon,I laughed with the honeybees, Pulsating of thrills,I relapsed in an extinguished breathe, One which I lost on myContinue Reading

Drink from that honeypot,Let my sorrow dwarf in liquidity… She loves us whilst I try desperately to look for other bees,What a drone’s heart in a male bee! Drink that honeydew,That worker bee loved us still she went to other honeysuckles,She breached you, my heart, with flames of turmeric! IContinue Reading

Open the closed beehive,Conquistadors are lurking our world. Maps of destinies merging our florals. My past meets my present,My future meets my past.My present is the end.All interconnected. I meet another bee,Another dimension eclipses me,Entreated with a new queen bee, Just not the same bee universe… Usurped my wrecked world,ChoicesContinue Reading

I walked in my house stuffed with honey…Those hands are filled with my own honeycombs… I filled my jars with my own orange marmalade. My beehive was swarmed with nectar… Their juice and nutritions are nothing,My bees love me but I was a mere hobby beekeeper in my heart… IContinue Reading

Back in the old days,It would be busy, I could still smell the fresh honey…Every car would make their stop. That quick stop to that convenience shop,My grandparents sharecrop.Passengers grabbing honeypots and honey buns. Back in today’s days,It is so dusty.It is like my sunset, rusty. I can smell theContinue Reading

Bees crashing,Fights gaining wind,I feel the stings in my legs… Hunting down my queen in a slow pace,Fertilising her at one go,She goes flying by mating flight.Disappearing as she would. Bleeding with each beeping,I feel the stings in my legs… Misbeliever!I am ejected from my nest!Only for the sake ofContinue Reading