Childhood – Alshaad Kara

Back in the old days,
It would be busy,

I could still smell the fresh honey…
Every car would make their stop.

That quick stop to that convenience shop,
My grandparents sharecrop.
Passengers grabbing honeypots and honey buns.

Back in today’s days,
It is so dusty.
It is like my sunset, rusty.

I can smell the desolation,
Now my grandparents are gone,
Like the vehicles gone…

That quick absence from bee keeping,
It feels so dusty
Like my sunset, rusty.

Alshaad Kara is a poet who writes from his heart. His poems were published in an anthology, “PS: It’s Still Poetry – An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Around the World” and a journal, “The Suburban Review Issue #25: Juice”.

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