Multiverse – Alshaad Kara

Open the closed beehive,
Conquistadors are lurking our world.

Maps of destinies merging our florals.

My past meets my present,
My future meets my past.
My present is the end.
All interconnected.

I meet another bee,
Another dimension eclipses me,
Entreated with a new queen bee,

Just not the same bee universe…

Usurped my wrecked world,
Choices and decisions have collided,
Honeydews have interchanged…

Change the globe,
Another light for another life….

Alshaad Kara is a poet who writes from his heart. His poems were published in an anthology, “PS: It’s Still Poetry – An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Around the World” and a journal, “The Suburban Review Issue #25: Juice”.

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