Issue One

Space Exploration

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(cover art by bb, Hannah Broadbent, and Piers Rippey)

Andy Anderson – Andy Rides the Max Again & Ode to an Etch A Sketch
Jake Ayres – Exhaustion of Limbo
Michael Collins – End of Space Exploration
EXOPLANETARY – In the City They Dream Bigger 2D [coming soon]
Robert Eversmann – Friendship 7 & Mission Apollo
Joe Galván – On the Sky in South Texas
Christopher Ginter – Tardigrades of Titan
Ula Jankowska – Dream About Space
Kate Jayroe – Romulus
Sara Kachelman – The Small Man
Jennifer Kemnitz – Eclipse #1
Azalea Micketti – Untitled
Oaktea – Red Planet
Olivia Olivia – Mission Apollo
Piers Rippey – RPG Sound Cave: “Goatmen are from Venus” [coming soon]
Phoenix Singer – Mission Apollo
Ryan Sprinkle – RPG Sound Cave: “Goatmen are from Venus” [coming soon]
Abbey St. John – Starry-Eyed
Robert Torres – Mission Apollo
Jonathan Van Belle – KyrithkaGödel Dividends
Geoff Wallace – Alien


Editors-in-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Ariel Kusby & Piers Rippey
Prose: Mickey Collins & Leah Brottman & Lee Bowman
Poetry: Jordan Meiler & Ariel Kusby
Nonfiction: Anna Bayya
Art: Piers Rippey
Social Media: Anna Bayya & Katherine Morgan
Interior Design: Mickey Collines
Web Design: Robert Eversmann
Cover Design: Piers Rippey

AISLE ### SPACE EXPLORATION Outerspace. Innerspace. Space case. Space race. Explore (a) space and get back to us. Please interpret “space” “cleverly.” Please write us a space opera. A little space. Your own space. The space between (the tears we cry). Space, the final frontier.

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