Letter from the Editors:

Dear Readers,

Thank you for picking up the first issue of Deep Overstock, the booksellers’ journal.

We started Deep Overstock to get booksellers connected and working together. Powell’s is what, 80% writers, illustrators and comics artists? 90%? We wanted a deadline and a venue. Our dream is to host international bookseller barbecues–hmu if you’re down. We read and read and read and read. (For some/most of us to avoid the death spiral of our own inner-mind. (inner-mind? (inner space!))) Working at a bookstore, you get to know and love many genres.

We theme each issue because we want to dive into genre, whether it be space exploration, dark fantasy, self help, fairy tales, metaphysics or paranormal romance. Our editorial board works at Powell’s so we are constantly surrounded by a million books on every subject. There is no kind of book we haven’t shelved (even sexy books and books on mushroom diseases!).

We take the theme of our journal from one category of books and interpret the category as we see fit. For our inaugural issue we chose Space Exploration. Although “space exploration” falls under Astronomy, space can be interpreted in any number of ways (personal space, interpersonal space, physical space).

Submitters then had one month to submit pieces of their interpretation of the theme. We welcome any sort of creative endeavor be it poem, short story, very short story, drawing, comic, recipe, play, interpretive dance, song, etc. 

We’re looking forward to our next issue: Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Fables. If you’re reading this submissions are open, and will close June 1st. Spin us a yarn!

(Cover art by bb, Hannah Broadbent, and Piers Rippey)

Andy Anderson – Andy Rides the Max Again & An Ode to My Etch A Sketch
A.G. Angevine – Internal Space
Jake Ayres – Exhaustion of Limbo
Michael Collins – End of Space Exploration
Robert Eversmann – Friendship 7 & Mission Apollo
Joe Galván – On the Sky in South Texas
Christopher Ginter – Tardigrades of Titan
Ula Jankowska – Dream About Space
Kate Jayroe – Romulus
Sara Kachelman – The Small Man
Jennifer Kemnitz – Eclipse Study #1
Oaktea – Red Planet
Olivia Olivia – Mission Apollo
Phoenix Singer – Mission Apollo
Abbey St. John – Starry-Eyed
Robert Torres – Mission Apollo
Jonathan Van Belle – KyrithkaGödel Dividends
Geoff Wallace – Alien


Editors-in-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Ariel Kusby & Piers Rippey
Prose: Mickey Collins & Leah Brottman & Lee Bowman
Poetry: Jordan Meiler & Ariel Kusby
Nonfiction: Anna Bayya
Art: Piers Rippey
Social Media: Anna Bayya & Katherine Morgan
Interior Design: Mickey Collines
Web Design: Robert Eversmann
Cover Design: Piers Rippey