Dearest Readers,
In the pages before you are tales of children, parents, grandparents, friends, and life in an early stage of our development: childhood.
Do you remember your childhood? Was it full of smiles and playing outside? Meeting new friends, or shyly introducing yourself at the front of the classroom? Playing in sandboxes or in puddles?
Childhood should be an age without worry, but it can also sometimes come as harsh lessons and difficult decisions. As adults we hope that children don’t grow up too quickly; we try and shield them from the world’s problems.
Some of the children in this issue run into those worldly problems, like bullies, hospitals, police, guns, or overbearing mothers. Others are gleefully unaware, still in those childlike days of bliss.
We hope that you can find a glimpse of your inner child in the poetry and prose here, in issue 20 of Deep Overstock.
Next issue, Deep Overstock ages and gets mature with Romance.

Yours, the forever childish,
Deep Overstock Editors

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Cover: Alligator Pond by Carrie Salazarr

David Agyei–Yeboahauthoritative mother; Fiery tongue
AJD The Perils of Thornview
Arnold B. CabdriverMy Son with the Twitchy Asshole
John DelaneyNewborn
Desiree DucharmeBad Math and Spelling
Pat DuttEarly Science; Swinging
Lynette EspositoChild Amongst the Wildflowers; Granddaughter; Laughter in the Hallway
Kate Falvey204th Street: lavoro ben fatto; Aphrodite in Her Nightie; Cora Fans Herself; Tonetta Lake: Papa’s Pennies
Joseph FarleyFrankenstein v The Wolfman v Dracula v a Duck
Esther FishmanWe Are All on Land Not Our Own
Michael GigandetThe Hunters
Valerie HunterA Long Day Waiting; Never Ever, or an Alarming Gap in Memory; Turkey Cutlet Night
C.J. HuntingtonFirst Picture of Baby RJ
Tara KaretaColored Memories; Lemon Candy Currency
Stuart LarnerOne Day While Our Mother Was Out; Park Playground
James B. NicolaThe Spider has Devoured
Nneamaka OnochieLavender is a Shade of Purple
Hailey PlautzOut Among the Breakers
Igor TeperBrothers
Terry TrowbridgeJuice for the Babies; Misplaced Charity
Michael TurtonBalls, Bowels, and a Far Away Friend (Age 4); How Can All Three Ladies Look Just Like My Gramma? (Age 5)
Nicholas YandellSomething Worth Savoring

Editors-In-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Z.B. Wagman & Michael Santiago
Poetry: Timothy Arliss OBrien, Jihye Shin & Nicholas Yandell
Prose: Sarah Denison & Z.B. Wagman
Additional Copyediting: Heather Hambley