Colored Memories – Tara Kareta

Favorite crayon color, sky
bloomed as a rose.
Gem and the Hologram pink hair,
Lazy Lapis Lazuli Lobster that I could walk on a leash
and take for picnics of purple peppers and bouillon cubes
overlooking mountains of ice cream cones.
Dreamt up under the ironing board or
crawled into the box spring or
imagined under a blueberry bush.
Under your bed after sneaking another Flintstone vitamin.
Under the front steps hiding,
my fantasy land.

Years later I asked you what I was like as a child.
You said,

Tara was born in Concord, New Hampshire. She has a BA from The Culinary Institute of American which is now completely unrelated to her professional life. In addition to a normal 9 to 5; Tara is a yoga instructor and pretend farmer. She lives in Rhode Island with her beagle.

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