As a five-year-old child, I was told I must never go near the closet at the top of the attic stairs, where dwelled a ghostly monster who survived on a diet of caterpillars, spiders, and snails, but was known to devour children so small they disappeared down its gullet withContinue Reading

The ring-a-ding-ding of the bell dangling from the deli shop’s front door knob signaled the arrival of yet another customer. Felicity called out a welcome from behind the cash register as the calico made her way to the counter. “Ooooh, corned beef!” squealed the calico. “What a lovely surprise. I’llContinue Reading

I learned Saturday I am only so much recycled star stuff. Atoms of my body, albeit an original mix of matter, date to one of the many Big Bangs of the multiverse. I’ve been feeling old lately, but, really people, that old? So said the astrophysicist on the auditorium stageContinue Reading

FADE IN:INT. COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT OFFICE – DAY In a cubicle, BETH FISHER (late 20s), sits staring at a computer screen, chin resting on her hand. RICK (O.S.)(from the next cubicle)You catch Law & Order last night? BETHNo, it’s on my DVR. I was out last night. RICK MYERS (lateContinue Reading

A party, late eve, a brief get together One night at Murphy Manor. Too many had arrived, and not enough left by the end of the night. I wanted to enjoy my evening, But I’ve been out of my mind, Skyscrapers are growing through my head. Angels are trespassing, AndContinue Reading

I was awoken in the morning by the great boy detective, banging on the corrugated garage cover I called my front door. I put on my hat and rolled the door up to the ceiling.  ‘What time is it?’ I said. He handed me a vanilla ice cream. ‘We’ve gotContinue Reading

The great boy detective had eyes like a snake and skin like a worm. I approached him in an alley, under the lines and lines of washing.  He was staring up at an air-conditioning unit, which was barely holding on under the window. ‘I don’t trust machines,’ he said. ‘NorContinue Reading

Sherry Shahan watches the world from behind; whether in the hub of Oxford, an alley in Havana, or alone in a squat hotel room in Paris; whether with a 35 mm camera or an iPhone. Her photos have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Fourth River, MoonContinue Reading

To whom it may concern,  I recently purchased your PSC03R-050 2.5 watt USB adapter with interchangeable plugs. Your output specifications indicated that the PSC03R-050 had a maximum load of 0.5A. I tested my unit and I found that your specification was untrue in my case. I do not wish forContinue Reading