Lycophron of Chalcis was appointed by Ptolemy II Philadelphus, son of Ptolemy I Soter, to manage the comedies of the Library of Alexandria, which likely precipitated his scholarly treatise On Comedy. Yet Lycophron’s own dramatic compositions, with the exception of one satyric drama, Menedemus, were tragedies, not comedies. Lycophron isContinue Reading

The victim was skinny. Too skinny. Detective Sarah hated seeing it. And it was a sight she had gotten used to. These girls with their bottle-blonde hair, legs the size of twigs, probably wanted to be a model. A life of glitz and glam. Probably met a boy and endedContinue Reading

The drowning woman waves her hands, fighting above the crest of incoming tide. When her head breaks the water, she sees a fluorescent green frisbee stuck in white sand. The discarded child’s toy begs her to swim back to shore, pick it up, and create a moment of joy. It’sContinue Reading

How do we not find it exhausting, Living lives, Born into mystery?    We’re thrown into this world,   Helplessly absorbing,           Ideas from other minds,           Crawling our way,                     Towards anContinue Reading

Three days since the great hall has been swept; three days since the mirrors, portraits and glass bowls draped in black; three days since the nightingales, choirs and trumpets were silenced; three days and the King still holds himself in a ball–no one has shaved him, no one has washedContinue Reading