Ode to the Manifesto Written on a Chrysler Pacifica in a Barnes and Noble Parking Lot – Lindsay Granduke

I am Saturn, serpent god
Metallica, Brightburn, Fury
sonshine must be exalted
holy holy holy

masked = 6, Master = 6
monkey / wrench / system = 666
(they tell us to believe in Superman, that a country bumpkin)
(could never hurt us, when he could easily take the world)

(and there would be no one who could stop him)
police / sirens / klaxon – all of them 6
it adds up; but we keep rolling, to strike
when the embers are hot. we must, or face destruction

idiocracy = a (that Cohen film in 2006)
(where a soldier wakes up in a world intellectually stagnant)
(I’m starting to see the patterns)
(were you in hibernation? are we?)

(will my Google history get sicked)
(on me like a drug hound sniffing)
(for 24 kilobytes of crazy?)
(maybe they’re onto something)

(and if you are, tell H.P. Lovecraft to give me back my stars)

Lindsay Granduke is a full-time bookseller, part-time folklore enthusiast, and one-time anime voice actor. She graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida where she received the Academy of American Poets Prize for her poem “Vaulting Up” and the van den Berg Award for her short story “Where’s Your Goddess?”. When she’s not writing, you can find her in an independent bookstore, writing about Bluebeard, or spending way too much time on Twitter @lindsaygranduke.

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