I. In the house of the spirit, in the hour of the mother,we spilled the purifying salts,sprinkled pillows with rosemary,and from our blessings discarded to theVestal fire we heardthe chime of the ritual bell break throughthe silence that sat in the dark. II. In the light of the day thereContinue Reading

Your honor, the problem with lover’s lookout isn’t that I’m not ever invited. I don’t even have a problem with my schoolmates going up there to makeout or whatever they do up there. The problem is that the bodies of the would-be lovers were never found. There’s a monster roamingContinue Reading

Baby Bink was taken. It is all light fun. Donna (from Twin Peaks), she plays the mother, she knew Old Willy had photographed Cotwell babies since the Great Depression (when everyone was hungry, when many people died), but she dared for more. She wanted Baby Bink upon “the daily correspondence”.Continue Reading

I cannot remember my name. I do know that I am sick. I am a very sick man. I have been told by a doctor that I am frighteningly unwell and that things are looking dangerous. I do not remember what his name was, either. He was young. Vibrant. Healthy.Continue Reading

A hundred thousand moons ago,a great blue ox as tall as the starswould wander the sleeping expanse of Earth.Where her hooves would fall, poppies and tall grasswould grow. Life would flourish there in blessed huesof yellow and green, for this was the love of great Apis,Bull of Heaven, godmother ofContinue Reading

Couldn’t see too well. It was my mother’s living room, I knew it was, and I was sleeping on the couch, and I got up. Couldn’t see hardly at all. It was a fog, but it was in my eyes. The walls didn’t have corners. Should have been a bigContinue Reading

Waylon Bacon works in the Fulfillment Department of Powell’s Books, where he receives, pulls, and ships orders from both the store and the website. In addition, he is a cartoonist whose ongoing webcomic ‘Frownland’ has been featured in Bang! Magazine and on Boredpanda.com, as well as in the pages ofContinue Reading

Olive Lewis is a writer and artist living in Portland and shelving books at Powell’s. They spend most of their time creating, reading, as well as dancing with fire in order to spark stagnation away and keep the light of new knowledge burning. Also, they’re a big ol’ fantasy nerd.Continue Reading

Many had complained to the Sheriff But those two were still mocking this whole rodeo. It was a strong gesture, an impassioned move. They were even rumored to say they loved one another. Many in the community just said they needed wives. But they just kept going “home” together toContinue Reading

The heat reverberates in Sister Annie’s mind; it shimmers like electric air above the grey-green sea. First the train passes through the city with its tenements, its air that stinks of refuse and sewage, passing row after row of brick house with slate roofs and chimney stacks that blur oneContinue Reading