The Fist – Bob Selcrosse

The fist climbs into a town. The fist climbs into a canyon. The
fist fits inside a cave beside a waterfall.
The boy and the girl were making love in the small lake when
the hand came through the waterfall. It was the size of a delivery truck. The waterfall split in two at its wrist and continued
streaming down into the pool.
It looked as though it were made of stone, yet obviously was
made of flesh. It flexed. It gripped at nothing.
The boy and girl made no sudden movements. The girl was
totally still. Her boyfriend moved, as if making to get away very
The hand snatched him up. It squeezed him.
I love you, he said.
He popped. The hand dropped his corpse, now shaped like a
Kleenex, into the water.
He was a cheater, said the hand.
The fist slid back into the waterfall.

Bob Selcrosse grew up with his mother, selling books, in the Pacific Northwest. He is now working on a book about a book. It is based in the Pacific Northwest. The book is The Cabinet of Children.

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