It was maybe three, four in the morning and we’d just wrapped. Everyone was breaking down the set, lights, cables, monitors, props. They did this quite rapidly in order to get a little sleep before the next shoot, a few hours away. Alone, I hurriedly stored all the remaining foodContinue Reading

I etch And etch And etch In the same square Until I can see the insides My insides Through it Fine repeating strokes over And over Side by side I transform the medium And myself in it Displacing aluminum powder Until every speck squeaks away Scraping and scraping Drawing overContinue Reading

I took a ride on the MAX to SE, Orange line to Milwaukee, post full moon chaos, it was a new day A little sun burnt from nude beach on Tuesday and a little sore from cannabis infused yoga on Wednesday Now it’s Friday “No, I won’t be going outContinue Reading

This woman was manning the laundromat. It was a popular place for fighting. She was the marshal of the laundromat, the laundry bailiff. Little boys and little girls were fighting at the laundromat. They arranged themselves in rows and charged. Those tall enough to climb the machines took flying leapsContinue Reading