Start Breathing – Nicholas Yandell

Life begins,

When one decides to live,

After stumbling around,
Day-lit paths,
As a drone,
In motion,
Speaking only survival.

That conscious choice,
To wrest control,
Of dwelling places,
Reframe the time canvas,
Start one’s heart,
With a catalystic spark,
Uncapping skin vessels,
To the pouring of passions.

The emergence of a soul,
Beyond flesh and form,
Ready to spill out,
Volumes of sagas,
Exposing inner longings,
To the candlelight of tomorrows.

The open air awaits,

Those who reject the placebo,

Untether their iron lung,

And drift freely…

Tired of waiting,
At the edge of a blank page,
With miles of blue lines,
Ready to hold the weight of a story,
Only you can tell?

Then step forward,
Grab a pen,

And start breathing.

 Nicholas Yandell is a composer, who sometimes creates with words instead of sound. In those cases, he usually ends up with fiction and occasionally poetry. He also paints and draws, and often all these activities become combined, because they’re really not all that different from each other, and it’s all just art right?

When not working on creative projects, Nick works as a bookseller at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon, where he enjoys being surrounded by a wealth of knowledge, as well as working and interacting with creatively stimulating people. He has a website where he displays his creations; it’s Check it out!

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