If I could hack the worldObserve its computationsDissect its codeLeaving its secretsIntimately exposedI’d have to ask myself honestlyWhat would this power do to me? In the long nightsThrough wired dreamsAnd fluorescent fantasiesOf amplified heroicsWith synthesized idealsMolding a societyAnd adjusting humanityTo a higher resolution. To slide fluidlyThrough the mainframesOf earth’s institutionsBeContinue Reading

We should fear the ocean. Something we know without being told. Enter extremity: A shifting massEasily knocking us to the sandWith such obviousUnrestrainablePower. I almost died in the ocean once But breath broke through The suffering void And aspiring skin Touched the shore again. Since that haunted eveningThe sea andContinue Reading

“Do you ever feel restless?” Asked the worker of a drone. “Long to live beyond the structuresThe hexagons of honeycombs? Ever feel we’re something more Than antenna twitches And wing flicks And buzzing bands of yellow In vast washes of green Under distant blankets of blue? Away from the queenApartContinue Reading

1. An Inquiry Is magic The physical manifestation of imagination? The power to plunge into fantasies And never have to leave? Make life more like dreams Or bouts of creativity? Freeing the luster of stories From material possibilities? Taking reality In whatever direction We might see it go. Is itContinue Reading

Out there, Where the moon rocks splash, In a sea of stars, A daring dreamer, Rails against, The cold steel walls, Of an atmosphere. Stowed away, Forging a vessel, Through quiet intention, And craftsmanship, To channel the liquid night, And take refuge in the sky. Eyes forever onward. Inhabiting, ImprovisedContinue Reading

How do we not find it exhausting, Living lives, Born into mystery?    We’re thrown into this world,   Helplessly absorbing,           Ideas from other minds,           Crawling our way,                     Towards anContinue Reading

The golden brown dog, Lies on the golden brown floor, Not just blending in, But becoming one, With the transitional path, Of the comings and goings, Of civilization around him.   He takes comfort, In the close proximity, Of a black bicycle, And the liberation, Its wheels might bring, ToContinue Reading

Life begins, When one decides to live, After stumbling around, Day-lit paths, As a drone, In motion, Speaking only survival. That conscious choice, To wrest control, Of dwelling places, Reframe the time canvas, Start one’s heart, With a catalystic spark, Uncapping skin vessels, To the pouring of passions. The emergenceContinue Reading