Life begins, When one decides to live, After stumbling around, Day-lit paths, As a drone, In motion, Speaking only survival. That conscious choice, To wrest control, Of dwelling places, Reframe the time canvas, Start one’s heart, With a catalystic spark, Uncapping skin vessels, To the pouring of passions. The emergenceContinue Reading

A quiet place in the rain, To be alone, With cold, Damp, Companions, Holding exposed, The virtues of isolation. Numbness dissipates,Distraction, Escape, Lulled away… A soft static wash,     In the soundscape. Chill flows, Shivers of urgency, Dislodging buried slivers, Coaxing them to the surface,Embracing Affliction, And the wisdomContinue Reading

1.   Down Below:  Silver tube speeding, Blurs of blues and whites, Bricks and dark.  Open cavernous lairs, For seasoned daily travelers, Absorbed in ignoring liminal surroundings, Minds already docked to destinations, Hooking in place that final link.  With a scream to a stop, And a chime to begin, Towing them away, Through final moments, Of humming headphones, And worn-out SudokuContinue Reading

1. Fear is space. Space is fear,Compartmentalized,Closed spaced,Concealed. Common spaces,In a cold place,Where the rest of the world traipses. Enclosed in warmth and vitality,A lonely,Quarantined,Crevice,Where whispered echoes,Reinforce,Every vile confession. Force your way through,The hanging splinters of imagery,And fractals of light,Twisting words,With salty drips of condensation, And the sweet sickness in theContinue Reading

The expression on his face never changes, as the sun goes down. I holler at him a few times, kick him at least once, but it doesn’t matter; he just absorbs it with the bare minimum motions to still register as living… Since there’s no traversing the Devil’s Pass inContinue Reading

Awake To a dream That walks like me Holds my reflection But speaks unsteadily   Hollowed By open air Through windowless holes Of ghost town shacks   A phantom Abandoned Still drifting         And mapping       Invisible pinpoints   To steady ticks Of some otherContinue Reading