0/1 – Amy Van Duzer

1. A black dove flies

0. Outside my window

1. I see it and whisper:

0. “your small wings stretch”

1. “fly farther”

0. away from your confines

1. to start again

0. In this unjust world

1. Where body and time

0. Exist as a thin veil

1. We take the veil off our eyes

0. The veil separates us from divine

1. Our breath just enough to stay alive

0. I’d rather fly

1. One day we’ll fly

0. And look through innocent eyes

1. Yet we awake here

0. And start again

1. To start again

Amy Van Duzer is a writer and poet from California. She holds an MFA from Saint Mary’s University. She has published a short story titled “The Pharaoh’s Orchid” in a previous publication of Deep Overstock.

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