Vin – “doug”

I wish I was Vin Diesel
The only bone I ever broke was a fucking tooth
Vin diesel drove a car out of one skyscraper into another
I’m so thin, my own family says I’ll float away in the wind
I bet Vin has never questioned how much of a man he is

To be Vin Diesel must be nice
But I wonder how he feels
Do you think Vin is self-conscious ever?
Looking in the mirror,
Feeling disgusted?
Who fucking knows

I guess someone could just ask him
But we just want to know about his job
About the characters
And about the Heroes he portrays
I bet Vin doubts himself
I bet he doesn’t like parts of his body too

I look in the mirror
I hate what I see
I definitely don’t look like Vin Diesel
I only look like me
It’s all I will ever look like

This is the part where I am supposed to say
“I always be me and that’s okay”
I’m working on it, Vin
I may never look like him
But with time,
I will come to terms with myself

Just like Vin Diesel

“doug” has been writing and drawing all their life. They found it was time to come out of their cave and share some of these creations. “doug” may or may not be a pseudonym for a person who works at a prolific Northwestern local bookstore, but feels the name “doug” represents their works just as samely as any other old name.

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