Nancy Drew Among the Amazons – Kate Falvey

There’s a story in this, girls,
and it doesn’t have any wolves

in it for now, though you never know
what might come down the lane,

in Neverland, especially near
that mermaid bog of old.

Which is the gateway to
Themyscira, truth be told,

though no one ever seems
to want to know

where the Lost Girls go
after we fall, nanny’s eyes

misty and indulgent
on the showboating boys,

meaning fewer of them end up
bait for the croc and the hook

and Peter’s tricky ego
and more of them grow up

to prowl the regular streets,
sharpening claws on the regular air.

So when my poor distracted
daddy left me alone outside

the frosted panels of his legal
office door, I fussily pitched

over the side of my pram,
though I like to think that

natural curiosity gave me
a boost and a leg up.

Then plunk
in the iridescent waters

fizzing with wails and tails,
the sidewalk melting

into mermaids
who dragged me down

to the depths where I
apparently needed to be,

and I floated on their singing
to the hidden shore

of the women warriors
who trained me to keep

and uncover secrets,
to know which to guard,

which to expose,
and how to track clues

to the lairs of the everyday
demons and outwit them

before they claim and defile
another hallowed grail.

Kate Falvey’s work has been published in many journals and anthologies in the U.S., Ireland, and the U.K.; in a full-length collection, The Language of Little Girls (David Robert Books); and in two chapbooks. She co-founded (with Monique Ferrell) and edited the 2 Bridges Review, which was published through City Tech/CUNY, where she teaches, and is an associate editor for the Bellevue Literary Review.

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