A superhero’s contemplation – Wit Lee

There’re wheels of light rolling in the sky
There’re no wheels of light rolling in the sky

Eyes full of patients
Entrances everywhere
No exit

Lying alone in bed
Complete the ceremony of a suffering
This accidental solemnity
Only poetry can witness
Arise of this era—
Insert the gear into the broken backbone
Implant chips into the dying brain
Store, copy, paste and format
Love, hate, hope, desperate
——what a perfect operation!
Come to birth another patient, or superhero
Manipulate data to form a human-like
Voice. What a beautiful voice!
Release the mushroom flame with the button
Up, up

You——a superhero, or a patient
Of this era!

Magical world, cars drunk wheels in crowd
Wheat scavenges food in cities
House abandones walls
Bat suckes and eats this
Crazy world

The sky rides on a bird
It needs a mount
Ride, ride
Like a superhero
Forward,will there be a new hometown
Beyond this fake world?

Ceremony is over
Poetry bails its head from
Abyss of dust
Eyes kneels down to the sky
Wind faces the crying wall
Contemplating, clouds are attached to
The elephant’s feet, mouths are full of thorns
And eyes are fulfilled with fogs

There is a hometown in the sky
There is no hometown in the sky
Smokes of the earth piled up in
Your, my, everyone’s throat
Up and up, stairs of desire
Rotating, a superhero wandering between
Heaven and hell
Entrances everywhere
No exit

Wit lee, whose Chinese name is Li Hui, and pen name is Muzihuixin. She is a female poet born in Jining, Shandong province, and now lives at the foot of Mountain Taishan. She is an editor of Taishan University Journal, a member of Taian Writer’s Association and Taian Poets’ Association. She has published more than 40 poems and one poetry book: Beyond Time.

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