Not being one to like crowds much, Hiram Mitchell had stopped his horse down the street, far enough to be away from the people and close enough to see the scaffold. He checked his watch and found it was 11:40, which was a little early to his taste since theyContinue Reading

The minister held the closed bible in his lap. He hadn’t bothered to open the book, but he had quoted endlessly from it. Matthew Swanson didn’t mind, because it meant this was a preacher who knew the book by heart. He figured anyone who took the time memorizing it mustContinue Reading

William Bates had a hold of the tail of his daddy’s coat. They were moving slowly down the street and Willy could only see trouser legs and skirts. It seemed the whole town was heading to the same place at the same time and nobody was paying attention to anyoneContinue Reading

“. . . because ‘is ear were in the soup! Har, har, har. Ooh, ow! Me peg ‘and!” “Aye, that’s right, a ‘ook is more usual, only Ol’ Sawbones ‘ad no ‘ooks at the time. Now ‘e’s got some, but I got so used to the peg, I just keptContinue Reading

“Of course, I bit you. What did you think was going to happen? Satan’s bifurcated cock! I told you what I am. Feeding on and corrupting the living is what I do. I don’t want to be your boyfriend or your sugar daddy. I’m not some slicked-haired, business-suited douchebag thatContinue Reading

“‘The Tribe of Amalfia welcomes all shifters in the central Ohio area to an evening of community and sensuality.’ What a load of crap. I mean, I been here three hours now and I ain’t had one second of sensuality. And the only community I had is talking to you,Continue Reading

There was once, outside the town of Waldheim, a man who had four dark-haired daughters. The daughters had no mother for she had died giving birth to the youngest. The man bore the youngest no grudge for that and he did what he could to care for his four girls.Continue Reading