In hindsight, this was probably not the best place for a teachable moment about death with my eleven-year-old. The whole thing had been Abby’s idea in the first place. “I can’t let her go,” she had said. “Please dad.” Osiris was our thirteen-year-old ragdoll cat my wife Olivia adopted rightContinue Reading

We, and by “we” I mean Ghostfuckers, are a paranormal organization started by me, a part-time gym teacher and my cousin Jerry, a full-time manager at Bob’s Big Boy, who came together for one mission and one mission only: to fuck ghosts. Why ghosts, you ask? There is nothing wrongContinue Reading

Bobbi, with an “i”, was staying with the Pryces, who owned a fish restaurant. They said she could sleep in the lobster tank, which was uncomfortable but at least it was full of seawater. Bobbi’s tail kept splashing, scaring the lobsters who scuttled to the other side.         “Do youContinue Reading