Sometimes, when no one is watching, the bees tire of their endless laboring and slip away into the beds of clovers to rest. At dusk, rabbits nuzzle them awake as they scrounge through the green, exercising their pastoral rights. Puzzled and drowsy, the bees scuttle into night like tourists inContinue Reading

I suppose there must be a godto do with this blue-green earthwhen I am reluctant enoughto consider the bees When I am reluctant enoughto consider the selfless bees,kept and unkept,I think of something more than us Something more than you and I,weaving mystery into secret,like they doturning flowers to wineContinue Reading

I have gatheredthe honeythat was inyour hives and whichyou all were surelykeepingfor winter Forgive meit was so pleasingso sweetand so pure Come next yearI will certainlycome searchingfor more Brooke Hoppstock-Mattson is an American poet living in Canada with her spouse and ginger cat, David Bryne. When she is not writing,Continue Reading