I cannot stand your velvet cloak that holds the dark in. Unprepared, I stayed   with you until the wind spoke of mothers and I remembered my own smell. Every day I checked the solidness   of skin, the speed of blood, the shape of eyes against the rain. IContinue Reading

The golden brown dog, Lies on the golden brown floor, Not just blending in, But becoming one, With the transitional path, Of the comings and goings, Of civilization around him.   He takes comfort, In the close proximity, Of a black bicycle, And the liberation, Its wheels might bring, ToContinue Reading

Still, still hidden Behind old shirts and pants Like an inflated sock Hung on a slanting coat hanger With a prophecy stuck in its throat Probably too dark or ominous To yaw, even to breathe No one knows when or how It will fly out of the closet, and callContinue Reading

In hindsight, this was probably not the best place for a teachable moment about death with my eleven-year-old. The whole thing had been Abby’s idea in the first place. “I can’t let her go,” she had said. “Please dad.” Osiris was our thirteen-year-old ragdoll cat my wife Olivia adopted rightContinue Reading