Under a canopy of blue sky A light breeze lifts the new leaves on summer trees. Flocks of blackbirds season the backyard Like pepper cloves sprinkled randomly on a green earth.   A flurry, a swirl charging the mix to flight. and silence falls as if they were never there.Continue Reading

Her white treble hooks hook hearts;  a cat must dice, ever since the vegan lion was disparadised   Lil’ Red-in-Tooth, dear kitty preening,  comes clawed and fond of cleaving     Fond of me  in a dish    With eyes moon-round, the Egyptian queen,  like Mephistopheles, springs out      O,Continue Reading

Sundays we take Mikey to the zoo to fuck with the monkeys. We dress him like a monkey and lean him on the glass. You’ll never be as smart as me, says Mikey. No matter what you think, you’ll never think like I think, he says. The baboon sits onContinue Reading

Sun contemplates the language of landscape at twilight as a thread of light encircles the horizon.   The calm orb slides down its nightly path pulls the silken imaginary curtain                                         Continue Reading

Fox Paolo and Fox Francesca sidewinding up the coop,  Tossing their sashes in the grass, under woody smooth breeze-blowing dusk.  Full moon of heavy feeding, jammy scoops;  Lop-eared hiccups in chicken lipstick of chicky juice.    We William-Tell-Overture off with a coiled rattlesnake shot!   I, you, hunt the koklassContinue Reading

A small group of fishermen tend a dock. The fishermen know everything that goes on in our town. The fishermen sit around skinning fish, and dwelling on Benjamin Carson. It’s not right that a boy is born so awful, says the first fisherman, holding a knife in the eyes ofContinue Reading

We wake thinking about leaving. These trips are always too short. Today we have to pack up. Somehow, all the equipment that makes it possible to survive up here—tents, sleeping bags, propane burners, assorted rope and tarps and boots—have to fit back into the tiny, rented car so that weContinue Reading

Marport is an island nearby. During the most recent Marport Materiality Review, 100% of respondents did not recall having heard of the island. When polled, visitors to the island do sometimes recall its existence. Marport, if one can recall it, is suitable for a day trip. Visit Marport by takingContinue Reading

Sabi wandered through the long grasses, skirting around enormous trees that gave plenty of shade and even better cover from predators. Her mother had taught her long ago not to meander out in the open or you may find yourself soaring above the clouds on the way to someone’s dinnerContinue Reading