Hummingbird – G Michael Smith

the sky was there 
distorted at the edges  
but there 
clear crystal blue  
his wings burned 
his mind locked 
he battled the Plexiglas sky 
over and again  
his head bumped 
for an improbable escape 
I was afraid 
his death  
would stain my hands 
like black pitch 
I saw his obsession 
lying to his wings 
each invisible beat 
bringing him closer 
his truth needed to be told 
the sky needed to lie 
it was up to me 
to eclipse the sun 
his reality 
to a phosphorescent bullet 
shooting out  
into a summer day

G Michael Smith is a poet, a novelist and children’s book author. He has a BA in Psychology, English and Creative Writing and a professional teaching degree from the University of British Columbia. He has a Masters of Arts degree from San Diego State University. He has written four science fiction novels in The Forevers series all featuring a young female protagonist; mid-grade novel titled “Hijacked – A Beechwood Adventure”; written and illustrated three children’s books titled “The Accidental Adventures of Bernie the Banana Slug”, “Lily Liar and the Eleventy Headed Monster” and “Tiny Tina and the Terrible Trouble”. Website –

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