Letter from the Editors:

Dearest Readers,

We first laid our foundation down with Space Exploration, just to try things out. Then we built it up issue by issue with Fairy Tales, Fables and Folktales, Paranormal Romance, Nautical Lore, Dreams, Westerns, Horror. Now we’re here after two years and eight issues with Structures.

We had other options besides Structures, e.g. Novelty Cookbooks, Holiday Cookbooks, Production Bios, Country/Western Songbooks, Xeriscaping, Agriculture. But ultimately we decided on Gardening: Structures. Many of you asked, what on earth do you expect me to write? Am I to write blueprints for a jail? Or a how-to on a rocket launchpad? Designs for a raised rose bed? The gene sequence of a strawberry?

Yet, you have sent us—ingeniously—the architecture of an apple tree, living structures, pyramids, spaceships, skyscrapers, towers, wells, domes, even structures that strangle and stretch. Overall this is one well put together issue from start to finish, if we may say so ourselves.

So, what’s next for Deep Overstock? We’re going to put together a special issue: New Arrivals. For the first time Deep Overstock will be accepting work with no theme in mind. You can submit whatever never-before-published work you want! We’re looking forward to what you will write with the freedom of an open submission.

Faithfully yours in good times and in bad,
Deep Overstock Editors

(cover art contest winner: Leanna Moxley)

AJDMedford Looming
Maev BarbaThe Mother Dome
Phoebe BlandingProperty Rights
Roger CampCats on Steam Pipe, Vilnius, Lithuania; Multiple Crucifixes, Hill of Crosses, Lithuania
Dan A. CardozaThe Harrowing Tale of Wyoming Jack-Rabbits
John ChrostekFifteen Eighteen AD, Glass Spectacle
Mickey CollinsThe Homemade Spaceship, Calling Home
Ben CrowleyTales of Old Soldier
Jacob DavisThe Anatomy of a Partition
Holly DayThe Vocation that has Chosen Me, Springtime, March
Amanda DepperschmidtChrysalis
S.C. DowneyStructures That Strangle & Stretch
L. FidTwelve Things
Mark HurtubisePlanter’s Box, Voyeur, Water Bolt, Stormtrooper’s Apprentice, Frozen Time
Hunter McLarenCutting the Mustard, Hymn for the Coffin, County Lines
A.G. AngevineReflections on Tower Living
Hayden MooreCoterminous, The Heptagon
Timothy Arliss O’BrienThe Architecture of the Apple Tree
Bob SelcrosseThe Factory, The Fathers, The Fist
Sabrina SteinTetris®
Eric ThralbyThe Wall, The Well, The Sink
Peter WaldorEnvelope
Sarah Weino title
Nicholas YandellLiving Structures


Editor-In-Chief: Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Ariel Kusby, Mickey Collins & ZB Wagman
Prose: Mickey Collins & ZB Wagman
Poetry: Ariel Kusby
Copyeditors: Ari Mathae, Caroline McCulloch, Elizabeth Neal & Kya Starling
Social Media: Ariel Kusby
Web Design: Mickey Collins
Interior Design: Mickey Collins
Cover Design: Leanna Moxley