Dearest Readers,

You’ve been knotty, haven’t you? Just a little? That’s ok. We’ve tied all of that up into a neat little journal here.
Don’t worry, we won’t string you along. Please enjoy the knot pieces within Deep Overstock 22. We have poems (and a couple prose pieces) all about how knots, and ropes, and strings, and twine bring us together, or keep us apart.
But we’re hoping that knot even death will keep you from submitting to our next issue: Ghosts. We want ghosts of Christmas future (it’s just around the corner), ghosts that moan and howl, ghosts of past lovers, or forgotten lunches. Give us your scary ghosts or your friendly ghosts. Whatever haunts your halls, send them our way. We’ll bust ’em. Submit your ghoulish work by November 30th.

You can’t tie us down,
Deep Overstock Editors

Audio release party episodes can be found on the Deep Overstock Fiction Podcast.

Cover: “Rope” ca. 1550–1295 B.C., on display at The Met, used under Public Domain

Kai BroachWake
Yuan ChangmingCat Karma; Initial Contact; Onset
Mark DeCarteretknot tying; speed reading; spin casting
Lynette EspositoAnniversary; Grandson at Almost Three; In the Beginning; Medusa’s Love Story; One Late October Eve
Ken GosseMore Sounds of Silence
Paul HostovskyBoating Knots
RJ Equality IngramHow to Tie a Monkey’s Fist
Aletha IrbyDNA AND
Ben Macnair 11.39; Icarus’s Wings
Timothy Arliss OBrienKnots
James G. Piattemotional whispers; The Sea
Emily J. SchnipperString
Rin StoneBowline
Angela TownsendForced
Z.B. WagmanPhotos
Nicholas YandellThe Secret Guest

Editors-In-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editor: Z.B. Wagman
Poetry: Timothy Arliss OBrien, Jihye Shin & Nicholas Yandell
Prose: Z.B. Wagman