Letter from the Editors:

Dearest Readers,
Have no fear, we won’t try to steal your information (just don’t respond to any emails from “dɘēp0verstØck” asking for your “ATM PIN number” and what the maiden names of your mothers’ aunts are). There’s no need for us to ask, because we already know. We’re in your computers, your cellphones, your Nintendo Switches.
Within these pages we have stories of hackers, AI, computers, cybersecurity, gigabits, a lonely lumberjack, and more. Needless to say the authors of these pieces are anything but hacks.
As always, thank you to our wonderful contributors and to you, dear reader. If you’re reading the print version of this, you may think yourself safe from any digital maleficence but that just makes you all the more vulnerable. Watch your back and watch your watch, too!
Submissions for Issue 20, Early Childhood, are open until February 28th, 2023. Call up your parents and ask for your childhood art from the fridge that is still hanging there, write us stories of imaginary friends, or poems of school days gone wrong. Where does “early childhood” end and “over-the-hill childhood” begin? You tell us.

Yours, the unhackable,
Deep Overstock Editors

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Cover: Concatenation XI by Catherine Eaton Skinner

Maev BarbaIrving’s Plan
Christopher BarnesPropaganda 11-15
Lynette G. EspositoHacking Death; How I Wonder
Lanay GriessnerThe Timezio Hearing
Karla Linn MerrifieldE-Voyeurs; Extinction by Nerve Strangle; Grief’s Geographical Gigabytes
Stephen MaddenThe Man Inside
Justin RatcliffFirewood Lamentations
R. Craig SautterBig Trouble
William TorphyHacker
Amy Van Duzer0/1
Megan WildhoodWhat Other Choices Did We Have?
Nicholas YandellIf I Could Hack the World

Editors-In-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editors: Z.B. Wagman & Michael Santiago
Poetry: Jihye Shin & Nicholas Yandell
Prose: Z.B. Wagman & Michael Santiago
Additional Copyediting: Sarah Dennison