Oaktea has always been in love with every aspect of a book–from the design to its contents, everything contributes to the experience. She started making comics for the all-in-one art and words combination, and eventually started working in bookstores to feed her voracious habit, as well asContinue Reading

Little stars we add to our puddings. Little motifs metallic on our tongues. We ask ourselves, do we ever need them? But without waiting for the answer, we get to the serious business of eating the whole galaxy up. The moon and the sun are not invaded yet in thisContinue Reading

I Need You Like I Need a Hole in the Sky There was suddenly a blackout ripped in the sky. I asked into it, What do you feel inside? The mouth about its hole crackled electricity. The clouds were afraid of it, the sky was afraid of it. I seeContinue Reading

Illustrations by Jowhara Mohammed The world stood still around Anya. and the cold numbness she feared overcame her as she saw Adrian ride toward her. She could barely feel Luca’s protective grip on her or hear Julia’s shouts as she ran to them. This can’t be happening, she thought. PanicContinue Reading

one There I was, fat, dumb and happy. A three-legged stool. A glint on the horizon demanded my attention, then it was gone. My leg. Gone! The southwestern one. Involuntarily, I reeled back, northeast. I wobbled slightly, then somehow achieved a precarious balance on my remaining two legs. I surveyedContinue Reading

We sink into the water. It’s the closest thing to making love in outer space,   which in turn, I understand, is the closest thing to one of the ancient gods   chuckling at the divine and ancient equivalence of a firefly.   We join the jellyfish club, and sixContinue Reading

There has never been a connection so strong as was the bond between the Moon and the Wolf. The Wolf, by day a man bored and lifeless, became his true self at night within the glow of its love. There were many days when he could feel its lingering presenceContinue Reading

Love was a complete mystery, and Hate couldn’t get enough. Perched on the edge of their heart-shaped bed, he watched with fascination as she slept. Her charcoal hair lay across her face, a strand rising and falling with each breath. Hate reached forward with a small hand, but stopped inchesContinue Reading

I’m short on rent so I call Daddy.  His phone rings five times before it goes to voicemail, but I end it before it beeps to record.  I always call him instead of texting because he has a shitty old flip phone that he pecks at with his pointer fingerContinue Reading