I Know That If I Shrunk Down To Three Inches Tall My Cat – Cecily Cecil

would eat me without a thought because
instinct is like that. I also know that she
cherishes me the way a child cherishes

his first word, or the way his mother does. But
loyalty is the victim of nature, and isn’t
that a beautiful excuse for everything

we’ve ever done? When I didn’t call you for
over a year, I told myself that was ok because
it’s in my nature not to pick up the phone

when all I want is to be alone and, hey,
introverts are just like that, like cats
basking in the sun and then suddenly

chasing their shadows or the light reflecting
from a cell phone because they have no choice
against DNA. But now I can’t call you because

sometime between daydreaming a three-inch
stature and being devoured by my cat, I forgot
to miss you, and you fell asleep for the last time.

Cecily Cecil is a writer of fiction and poetry. She is a current MFA student in Lesley University’s fiction program. She previously received her MA in English from Kansas State University. She lives in Manhattan, Kansas, where she enjoys work at her local public library.

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