Mickey’s Blahg #12

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve written a Blahg. I’ve been a bit busy. Old Favorites has been super popular as far as submissions go. I’m sure it will be a favorite issue once it releases in October. Stay tuned.

In other busy news we’re continuing to grow our podcasts, the DO Fiction Podcast (which we’ll have some exciting news to share about soon, hopefully) and Late Night Pomes Radio (which is quickly approaching its 50th episode). Give them a listen!

The main reason I wanted to write today was that over the weekend we learned that we were hacked. No, no passwords were stolen, no money was taken. In fact the only email that leaked was an email sent out to our subscribers (who normally look forward to early announcements, special deals, and behind-the-scene things) that asked for their SSNs and payment in the form of iTunes gift cards. It sounded threatening, but worst of all it had horrendous grammar, which is something we won’t stand for.

However, in spite of that, it gave us an idea for Issue 19… which we’re happy to announce the theme of now… is HACKING! Computers are ever growing in importance in today’s modern world, as we all know. Everything is becoming digitized and once it’s connected to the internet, just about anyone can try and access it. Isn’t that wonderful?

And hacking can cover all sorts of things, from phishing scams (ahem), getting into someone’s Facebook account by posing as someone else and asking for their password (it’s not breaking and entering if you have their key, right?), but also hacking like hacking up a lung, what an absolute hack of a writer I am, or to hack down a tree.

We hope that the theme of Hacking will inspire some great pieces from you. Just make sure to get them in to us by November 30th and don’t try to hack into our email again and turn in a late assignment. We have a wonderful password manager by way of a sticky note that I keep pasted on my window.


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