Summit and Depths – Kate Meyer-Currey

I’m riding with the sun to my life’s
longest day, one eye to the moon
at my back, drawing me down into
winter’s deep waters, where every
year it’s harder to rise again to the
surface, weighted by my bones. But
the sun pulls me into buoyant
warmth and I emerge again to its
bright promise, skimming like a
water-boatman over a mirrored
pond, where hope flits like a
dragonfly, for an iridescent moment
as lilies bloom and hungry carp
pout at mayflies and gulp down
their brief day, as dark engulfs
light beneath its inky tide that
recedes as the sun’s rays flood
back to melt night’s icy rime and
everything dormant under dank
rocks and stones stirs anew with
life, as tadpoles shapeshift into
frogs, mating and croaking at
the sun with rusty winter voices
as the seasons ebb and flow with
the unchanging rhythm of solstice. 

Kate Meyer-Currey was born in 1969 and moved to Devon in 1973. A
varied career in frontline settings has fueled her interest in gritty urbanism, contrasted with a rural upbringing. Her ADHD also instills a sense of ‘other’ in her life and writing.

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